Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An Imbolc/Lammas Gift to All!

It is my pleasure to present to the world, The Gift of Loving Touch--a free attunement to Divine Love Energy. A Gift from Our Lord and Lady, Our Divine Parents, the Archangels Michael and Raphael, my Divine Patrons and me, Teri Helton-Moonraven.

This attunement is free and to be freely shared with all beings with Love and equality. It is a gift to be shared by all, with all as a token of acceptance and Love between all beings, all beliefs, no exceptions. We are One. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change. With love, we have the power to heal Mother Earth. This attunement modality is just one of many tools to that end. Use it and share it with love, feeling the joy knowing we are on the path to true Peace!

Download and save the file to your computer. Read it. Say the 'Blessing' and you are attuned! You can begin using the techniques immediately!
Watched over by the Archangels, this atttunement is to be shared free of charge, always.

A magickal Imbolc/Lammas  to all!
Blessedly Be Love and Peace!

©2011 Teri Helton

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Year

With the new year in full swing, I believe it will be a very exciting year. It is a year that will bring many creative efforts out into the marketplace. I believe that creative energy is strong at this time and flowing freely. Many will be taking advantage of it and will follow their creative hearts and begin using their gifts and talents for financial gain. This is blessed by the angels.

By following your heart and doing what you love, you will experience happiness and joy beyond measure. The Threefold Law insures that what you send out will return to you multiple times. So if you are feeling happy and joyful and good, then you will receive goodness and good things in return. The Law of Attraction also insures it.

Find your joy. Find your creative joy and do it. Give love, feel joy, know Peace!

Blessedly Be Peace,

©2011 Teri Helton

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toss This In Your Holiday Cauldron.

"From the love within your heart comes the power to heal Mother Earth and to live in harmony with all life. Give love, feel joy...know Peace."--Teri Helton (Moonraven)

It is the season of Yule. The Wheel of the Year turns. The new year began on Samhain. We have already resolved our goals for the new year. The statement above is my resolution for the year which I am dedicated to share with everyone.

I share this with you to share with others. I encourage you to act on this message by applying it to your life.  It is a resolution to change for the highest good of all concerned. Together we can work the magick needed to heal our Earth Mother and bring about harmony and Peace.

Mother Earth needs all of her children to live from Love in unity, joy and harmony. When we are in this state, our world and our planet will be healed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Magick and Manifestation

Today I'm going to talk about being a witch and the role that magick plays in my life. I think you may find my form of witchcraft a bit different from the mainstream of witchcraft, but that is because many witches are still working from traditional wisdom and inspiration. Though I am very traditional in many aspects, I am different in may others. For one, I am a Sea witch, which simply means I practice a form of witchcraft which aligns with the energies and magick of the Sea. Little is known of this form of magick and practice so I, and others like me, have had to pave new paths with the wisdom gleaned from the past through family lineage, research, and inspiration.

Another way that I find I differ from most witches is that I use the Law of Attraction as part of my magickal work. I believe it follows closely with my beliefs and that the Law of Attraction is quite compatable with witchcraft. Aspects of it are identical to much traditional magick work such as sympathetic magick, visualization, meditation, emotional vibration and much more. I have aligned my magick with the powers of the universal laws and the universal law of attraction is one.

It's like bringing an old tradition into a new era. All I believe in as a witch works perfectly with my spiritual evolution. I love it.

Blessed Be,
© 2010 Teri Helton  (Moonraven)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living Love

As a witch and a Weaver of Peace, I have devoted my life to directing others to Peace through the process of awakening to their own personal power and the Peace within themselves. As I follow the path to true Peace, I am learning and growing as I know we all are. I believe that Peace is not only a state of being, but it is a direct end result or fringe benefit, if you will, of being love.

I believe it is our purpose on this planet, to live a life of love and being love and as a result, creating Peace; to give love freely to one another. To honor our ancestors and our Divine Parents by living a life of love and therefore feeling the high vibration of joy and knowing true Peace. I believe we are the answer to saving our Mother Earth by living from the love within our hearts.

I believe we have the power to effect positive healing of Mother Earth and to establish Peace by living, not from the mind, but from the heart with love.

We belong to one another. The Light of life and love that resides within us as our life force is Our Lord and Lady within.

We are divine beings of love who's natural vibration is joy and who know Peace. By living in this state, we each have an effect upon the consciousness of life on this planet, a positive healing effect. By living from love, we can be the change and we will see a miraculous change in our world and on our planet. The more of us who are doing this, the sooner the consciousness of humanity will shift to living from love, feeling joy and knowing true Peace.

In Love, Joy and Peace,
Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related, all my relatives),

"Give and live Love, feel Joy...and know Peace!"--T.Helton

©2010 T.Helton

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love, Joy and Peace.

I am about Peace and inspiring others to find the Peace within themselves and sharing it with the world. I encourage other witches to do it, I encourage other beings to do it no matter what they believe. I encourage the acceptance of all beliefs among mankind. I am for unity of purpose toward Peace in our world and on our planet.
Currently I focus on the Peace movement within the Wiccan/Pagan community. We don't really have one. It is my hope that if you are reading this you will look within your own heart and begin with finding that spark of divine love which is the Goddess and stoke it to a bright flame of love. Feel the love in your heart and wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself. Love yourself. Feel the love. It now begins to feel like joy. Go with it. Jump for joy if you have to! Notice how you feel. Smile and listen a moment. Do you feel a sensation of knowing? Do you feel the contentment and satisfaction? Now look around you what do you sense? Peace. Peace of mind. Peace of heart. Peace of spirit. When you give love, you feel joy...and once you do these know Peace.
Do it every day. Encourage it in others. Raise power for Peace by giving love and feeling joy and sending it out to the world because the three together are the triad of Peace. You can't have one without the others!

Blessedly Be Peace!

©2010 Teri Helton

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Gift of Peace

I am a witch who works with her spiritual guides. Through my studies for wiccan clergy, I learned to communicate with my spiritual guides. I work with the Divine Mother and the Archangels and Angels. My spiritual guide is Archangel Michael. He has been with me all my life, but our communications began more recently. Yes, I work with the Angels and believe in angels and yes I am a witch. Angels hold no religious distinction, they work with everyone. Their love of us is unconditional and eternal. Now for my point.
During meditation today, I received this bit of wisdom from Archangel Michael and I would like to share it with you now:

"Peace is a gift of love from your heart."-AA Michael

When you are coming from that place in your heart that is love, you will know Peace in your life. When you share the love from within your heart with others, you share the gift of Peace with the world. As witches, if we raise power when we are in that place of love within, and we release that love to the universe and all that exists, we are sending Peace.  If all witches, everywhere, are also 'weaving' the web of Peace and empowering it with their love, Peace in our world can be a reality. Help co-create Peace in our world and on our planet. Nourish the love within your heart and know the gift of Peace. Share the love in your heart with others and you share the gift of Peace with the world.

Blessed Be Peace!

©2010 Teri Helton